Safety of M40 Holland City Roadway

Petition for a change to be made in front of the Tulip City Truck Stop on M40 in Holland City. Semi trucks exit that location and take approximately 14 second to clear the oncoming lane when turning North onto M40. Vehicles going Southbound in that location are traveling at 55 miles per hour. It is very unsafe for vehicles on M40 and traffic exiting the Tulip City Truck Stop. Serious accidents potentially happen every day at this location. On Monday, January 15, 3 people were killed when their minivan drove underneath a semi trailer that was exiting the Tulip City Truck Stop parking lot. The citizens of Holland and the motorists that travel M40 in that area every day want a traffic light installed and/or the speed lowered. We need to save lives, not wait for the statistics to increase in order for something to be done. PLEASE USE CONSIDERATION THAT THIS IS GOING TO BE PRESENTED TO THE CITY OF HOLLAND AND MDOT TO MAKE A CHANGE. THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO DISPLAY ANGER ABOUT THE FAULT OF THE ACCIDENT ON MONDAY. VOICE YOUR OPINION ABOUT THE CHANGE, NOT WHAT HAS HAPPENED ALREADY. HAVE RESPECT FOR EVERYONE THAT WAS INVOLVED AND EVERYONE THAT MAY READ THE COMMENT SECTIONS.


This petition is sponsored by Sheryce Kruithof. I also spoke at the City Council meeting in Holland on January 17 and made my plea to Mayor Al McGeehan and his Council to make a change before anyone else is hurt.


  • Barbara Baranowski I concur with the Petition for a change to be made on M40, Holland.

  • laura mc ewen accidents of this nature have been happening for decades at this location...statistics should be looked at for at least the last 40 cousin's husband (john McMullen) was killed under the exact same circumstances...early morning on his way home from work and a semi pulled out in front of him right in front of the truck stop...he didn't have a chance...I believe this was in the 1980's...then in the 90's, my eldest son rear-ended a semi pulling out of the 'ENTRANCE' driveway (probably because, at that time, it was 20 yards closer to the highway) son clipped the right rear corner of the semi trailer as he swerved to avoid the truck which never stopped before it entered the m-40 son, who was on his way to work on the midnight shift, spent the night in the hospital for observation..the out-of-state truck driver was sent on his way and was never charged (even though he never stopped before he pulled out-he claimed he never saw my son's car) son, however, was ticketed by the idiot Holland officer who said he didn't have his vehicle under son was doing the speed limit and had his seatbelt fastened...the ticket was thrown out immediately by the prosecutors office...the officer was not reprimanded and the truck driver went on his merry son's car was totaled...quit putting the burden of responsibility for these horrific accidents on the driving public...we have a right to expect our roadways to be safe...if we are driving the posted speed limit, we shouldn't have to worry about these truck drivers who are literally getting away with negligent homicide because they either don't want to stop, down shift, or just assume drivers will stop because the trucks are bigger...the driving public has been losing this battle against the semis at this location for is time for the state to step in and do the job it has been should have been done many years many more people have to die or be maimed? shame on the state of Michigan and the DOT..

  • Jerry Nichols Jr Something needs to be done. We can't lose anymore lives in tjis terrible area.

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