Lyme Fraud Against Humanity



The health status of the entire World has been and continues to be compromised in several ways by combinations too powerful to be suppressed in the ordinary way. . In the early 70s chronic illness were not epidemic in our country unlike today with Fibromialgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, MS, and ALS and many other debilitating illnesses that have been linked to Lyme Disease as you will see from papers on this web site.

This web site contains published papers from both camps that show treatment failure and inaccurate testing.

We therefore demand, both United States Houses of Congress to investigate Lyme Disease Diagnosis, Testing, and Treatment protocols currently under the Center for Disease Control, CDC, The Infectious Disease Society of America, IDSA, the American Medical Association, AMA, and the American Academy of Neurology.

This is a global petition and is not restricted to USA residents.

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Concerned Citizens of the World . This is a global petition and is not restricted to USA residents. We encourage you to leave a comment. . * THERE IS NO COST TO SIGN THIS PETITION - IT IS FREE *

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  • angela My lyme went undiagnosed for over a year. i had EVERY SINGLE significant symptom one can have, one after another, which were all ignored. My doctor did not even know what the rash was! When it came to my attention that the tick i had before i became ill may have been infected, i begged for a test. The doctors PUT ME ON ANTIBIOITICS FOR THREE WEEKS, additional prednisone, and THEN tested me. I told them i was told not to be tested this way, they ignored me and said it was fine. My cdc test came back neg with a few IGG on it. they told me to forget about lyme, I got SICKER. i was down to under 70 ibs. i was in such bad pain i didnt know if i could live any longer like that. everyone knew it was lyme, and then they tried to say it was lupus. they did everything they could to not test me right, not diagnose me when they should have, and to stop me from getting treated! ITS APPALLING. WOULD YOU TREAT SOMEONE WITH CANCER THIS WAY? I finally went off the steroids and got tested the right way, and BAM! cdc positive active infection. NOW the doctor told me he wont do anything to treat me at ALL. to 'wait it out"! I HAVE WAITED A YEAR now, i have nerve damage, im in PAIN ALL OVER, i cant work anymore and am on disability at a young age. This is illegal! This is unjust. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU THINK YOUR SAVING BY NOT TREATING US??? Your costing the government SO MUCH MORE.... all of us end up crippled in pain and on disability for the rest of our lives. And when our disease turns into ms, or als, or parkinson, you will end up paying even MORE for us. REALLY?? all over lying to doctors so they dont know what to look for, and they can easily help us when we are first sick....with a lousy month of antibiotics. And when we are sick, months of antibiotics being covered by insurance is NOTHING compared to what you are going to pay out to all of us in disability and housing and food stamps and side effect related medical visits and rx's to this disease as it gets worse. How did the american governement become so stupid? it is injust that americans are not allowed treatment for an illness.... and when the lawyers start pickign up on they are already doing.... they smell blood and are going to go after doctors and clinics and insurance companies left and right. the first few cases against insurance are already won.... they wont be the last. if i was the big guy, id be stirring in my seat and start doing what i need to do and what is right before getting caught doing what is wrong. it will all crumble in the end and insurance will be stuck holding all the pieces!

  • Daria Cervenka I believe that lyme disease has taken the best of me.

  • Angela Foss I went undiagnosed for 4 years, it's been the worst most miserable time of my life. Not one Doctor helped me. I had every symptom.

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    Daria Cervenka

    6 months ago Comments: I believe that lyme disease has taken the best of me.
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    Angela Foss

    1 year ago Comments: I went undiagnosed for 4 years, it's been the worst most miserable time of my life. Not one Doctor helped me. I had every symptom.
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