Government Funding for Lupus Research & Awareness

Systemic lupus sufferers have been suffering in silence long enough. There are more patients with Lupus than Diabetes, MS and Leukemia combined. But, we do not get the same coverage in the media as we should and need to help boost public awareness of this life threatening disease. The government needs to give more money towards Lupus research as well as funds to help get the word out about Lupus. The more people know, the more they can help. Please sign this petition to ask the government to give more support to Lupus. 90% of Lupus sufferers are women and like breast cancer it is about time the government give more support to illnesses that afflict women. Now is the time to speak up and let them know that it is time to look Lupus in the eye and defeat it. Many children, like my daughter suffer from this disease, and many must endure years of steroid medications, chemotherapy, and and a host of other medicines. Many like my daughter, lose their hair, have stunted growth, delayed puberty, seizures, and severe fatigue and arthritis. Should children have to live like this I dont think so, and I hope you will sign this petition and agree that the government needs to do more to fight Lupus and other auto immune diseases. Women and children in this counrty deserve the best, and they deserve the attention of our senators and congressman. Please visit the Lupus Alliance of Americas website to learn more about lupus, and how you can help. Thank you.


This petition is sponsored by The Carole-Anne Bonner Lupus Kids Foundation Web address: This petition was started by The VanderPutten Bonner family, in support of their 17 year old daughter who has Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and AntiPhospholipid Antibody Syndrome and was diagnosed with she was 12.

Links National Institutes of health Lupus links to government advocacy for lupus.


  • Beverly Johnson My 2 daughters and I have lupus. My youngest daughter has a kidney transplant and chronic pancreatitis due to this disease.

  • Anonymous Lupus needs to be a main topic research for the Government

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    Beverly Johnson

    6 months ago State: California
    Country: United States
    Comments: My 2 daughters and I have lupus. My youngest daughter has a kidney transplant and chronic pancreatitis due to this disease.
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    Erica McCabe

    11 months ago State: Pennsylvania
    Country: United States
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    Kayleigh Haydock, United Kingdom

    1 year ago State: AK
    Country: UK
    Comments: I was one if not the youngest white British girl to get SLE at just turning 15, it went straight to my kidneys. the list of symptoms are endless, kidneys, joint pain, extreme fatigue, major hair loss (for 5 years) butterfly rash high blood pressure, as I said the list goes on. I think that as Lupus is more common that the above listed illnesses, It is disgraceful that there is 0% coverage absolutely nothing!!! I didn't have a clue about it when I first got diagnosed 5 years ago and there is still nothing out there to inform people. we are in the 21st century I think it's about time the word had spread. from Torrington, Devon, uk
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