This petition was made to protest the amendment being passed to ban gay marriages in the United States. LOVE IS LOVE, SUPPORT IT TODAY!!!!


A few students from Northwestern High School are sponsoring this petition. The names are: Hannah Schrom Dominique Stephenson Miranda Randolph Jaquelinne Orantes Jessica Ladow Amanda Ladow Jomarie Tablong Chris Collett


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    Trisha Butler, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Just because the bible says it is not right dosnt mean the bible is right. Not everyone believes in what the bible has to say. The bible also says that you are suppose to wait until you are married to have sex. That dosnt always happen does that mean that we should make a law saying that it is illigal to have sex before marriage? No because we have rights. Like John Locke said "we have natural rights that should not be taken away" and isnt America suppose to be the land of the free? Then why are we trying to say that two people should not be aloud to marry because they are 2 males or 2 females. Everyone should be aloud to decide who they want to marry. The government should have no say in if they think it is wrong or right. If you dont like it then dont pay attention to it. It has nothing to do with your life.
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    Julisa Infante, United States

    9 years ago Comments: love for a person is no different whether its to the oppsite sex or to the same. Marriage is all about the love for a person you want to spent the rest of your life with and taking this away is breaking the whole meaning for this countries freedom. Equal rights, its that what we're all about.
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    Adriana Reyes, United States

    9 years ago
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