Louisianians AGAINST Common Core

LouisianiansAgainst Common Core

Welcome to our petition. If you’ve never heard about Common Core, it is an initiative funded by special interests and the federal government with the goal of nationalizing education.

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What isCommon Core?


Anyone who tells you not to worry and that you just don’t know all the facts, is someone who either hasn’t looked at the evidence and is blindly following what they’ve been told, or is intellectually dishonest.

It shows that President Obama dangled a seductive carrot in the form of Race to the Top grants to get states to play jackpot with our money and after inserting the million dollar coin came up short.

There is still time to right the ship if we act now and get our leaders to take action to reverse this power grab and keep control of our education system. THIS IS ASTATES' RIGHTSISSUE.

*** PETITION ***

Weask the Governor, State Board of Education, and State Superintendent to immediately take the steps necessary to rescind Common Core adoption,PARCC membership, the Race to the Top application, the No Child Left Behind waiver, and all other requirements upon the state that are related to these.

Second,We request theLouisiana Attorney General to review all documentation related to such applications and contracts as mentioned above to ensure our state sovereignty is held inviolate.We further request that this review of programs, documents, and applications, include an examination to ensure no private or personal information about students is transmitted outside of local schools and districts.

Third, inasmuch as theLouisiana State Board of Education adopted Common Core State Standards before they were even finalized, failed to perform a cost analysis related to statewide adoption, and failed to hold public meetings , we consider the standards "null and void".

Fourth, give individual schools and districts full local control with the ability to adopt their own curriculums; choose their own personnel; decide on their own text books, testing, discipline policies free from standards, assessments, and research-based curriculum; thus, providing REAL opportunities for parents to have actual choices in deciding on schools for their children.

Fifth,We request that legislators develop a 5-year plan to getLOUISIANA off all federal funding of education, and if the federal government threatens to pull non-education related funding away from the state as we pursue this course, that this knowledge should be made public and fought with the assistance of the state Attorney General.

Sixth, We ask that the State strengthen privacy laws and make sharing of personal student data with any state or federal entity a crime both for the one disseminating and the recipient who requested personal information


Concerned Citizens of Louisiana

Petition will be sent to the Governor, State Board of Education, and State Superintendent. (Date to be announced)

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Greater New Orleans Tea Party Acadiana Patriots LAMB Ministries Tea Party of Louisiana


Truth in American Education

UTAHS REPUBLIC - A Constitutional Right




Pioneer Institute: "Controlling Education from the Top"



  • JUDY J McCollough I cannot believe our Gov. Did this. He needs to drop this poison some are trying to give to our children.

  • Tammy Asberry Why can't they teach our children they way it use to be? When helping children with homework dealing with the core us parents are lost. So how does that help our kids?

  • Amber Powell I do not agree that education should be nationalized nor do I agree with much of the literature required to be read by my children. Many children are suffering now with their academic success because of this new curriculum. Children learn in different ways & unfortunately this Core Curriculum doesn't allow more than one method. I am here to support my children & to do all I can to make sure they are a success. This program is clearly a handicap.

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    Gerald Gossen

    12 hours ago Comments: -
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    Tiffany Cardwell

    4 days ago Comments: I hate Common Core with a passion. I have kids that never had problems like they do now. It's sad to see my kids who once loved school beg not to go.
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    Jeromy Vincent

    5 days ago Comments: I graduated in 1991 with 3.7 GPA, so I did fairly well in school. Algebra and geometry were my strongest courses. When I sit with my 12 year old daughter to help her with homework everything is different . She is struggling with the common core method of doing her math homework and she is only in the seventh grade. She understands the problem and can figure out the correct answer in one or two steps, but the way the teacher makes them solve the problems evolve an extra 3 or 4 steps that really makes it more complicated than it needs to be... so common core is just making it harder on the children , and it's already hard enough growing up in today's society so I ask you should we be making it even harder for them?
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