Our University Library is No Longer Fit for Purpose.


Dear Shirley Pearce and Ruth Jenkins,


Loughborough Library is no longer fit for purpose. During exam times there is little chance you will be able to get use of a desk let alone a computer many students simply leave which can only have a detrimental effect on learning and may in part be the type of behavior that reflects Loughborough University’s sliding position in rankings from 2006. The Facility is dated with inadequate power for laptop provision and not even close to the capacity to support the vast rise in students at the university in the last 10 years (Well over 50%).

        It may be hard to digest for some students that Leicester University has a new £32 million pound facility where as our University bought a hotel and new halls (not surprisingly two ways to make more money) and seems to throw money at attracting as many Olympic teams as possible and other such non centralised activities while the core funding for the library is clearly not there. The University placed over 1000 students within meters of the library but failed to support it at all for the surge in demand on an already stretched to breaking point facility. The Library was built to serve 5500 students who did not pay fees but the political landscape has since changed meaning now it serves over 17000 paying customers who are clearly not getting value for money.

         Despite Imago's policy of selling all of their produce in excess of 25% above recommended retail price which will only go up as it does every year, even though they have lower operating costs gained from cheaper utilities, the library is still clearly cash strapped. Why doesn't the university look closer to home and put our money that pays your wages to work in areas we choose.

          The university hides under the cloak of 'best student experience' but this award is given because students are proud of Loughborough and offer it full marks regardless of issues, it does not mean we can be ignored. We, the below signed, wish to stop this underfunding of our wonderful facility and ask that the university provide money and resources that reflects vastly swelling student numbers.







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    Jessica Peake, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: Also I feel that the opening hours should be extended to 24 hours.
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    Steffan, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: -
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    Saima Kara, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: I definitely agree with the above statement. The library is a necessary and worthy area to improve. As an English student I have always been unimpressed by the number of books available for core modules. I have also noticed it is almost impossible to get a computer even out of exam periods. The entire building is dated and drab, not the best learning or study experience. I know there are improvements being worked on at the moment but I believe a lot more needs to be done. I never talk badly about Loughborough as I love the place so much but it does not mean that we don't notice when areas are being neglected. Although I will be leaving Loughborough this year I would love to see a new and improved library experience for future students. I know sport takes a priority at Loughborough, but to what extent? A university is about learning and academics and a good-sized, inviting, well-stocked library is undoubtedly what Loughborough needs to raise its game amongst other highly ranked UK universities.
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