IBM should continue to produce Lotus-focused Redbooks.

It has been leaked that the Lotus Redbooks center in Westford, MA, USA will be closed. This has been confirmed by IBM. My take on this (and the general consensus from the blog posts I have read on the topic) is that this is a very regrettable move for those in the Lotus community that rely on Redbooks to assist with deployments, planning, upgrades and integration projects. The Redbooks provide a quality and type of documentation that is simply not found anywhere else. Therefore, I put forward this petition for you and others to sign: \"We believe that ITSO Redbooks are an essential aid to the Lotus and Websphere Portal community, that more Lotus Redbooks are required for new products such as Notes/Domino8, Quickr and Connections, and that they should continue to be published in the future.\" This petition will be live until the end of December and at that point I will send it to those in IBM responsible for the WPLC/Lotus business. Hopefully, by that stage we can get many hundreds or even thousands of signatures. To help with this case, if you agree with the message, please could you publicise this petition via your own blogs, Facebook profiles, personal relationships etc. Thank you, Stuart


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    Syed, Saudi Arabia

    2 years ago Comments: David, I recognise a lot in your post.Let me share a real and acutal story from the field for a international bank with the headquarters here in the Netherlands.For me it started about 1.5 years ago with the question from this customer with a huge infrastructure with multiple platforms and lot s of administrators. This customer wants to transform their infrastructure to a cloud.But it was not easy to find the right answers to define the right roadmap, so I started searching in all kinds of documentation. At one moment in time I found a slide in a presentation of IBM.It showed me IBM s Cloud Reference Architecture and the answers I needed.A highly virtualized environment managed via the Systems Management tool IBM Systems Director in combination with IBM Tivoli monitoring and other IBM Service management tools. Have to split my comment in two (to much characters)
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    Mahamed, New Zealand

    2 years ago Comments: I am new to WESB and I am begginning a pcoejrt using WESB, which will involve producing and consuming web services using WESB. I expect needs to validate, enhance, enrich, log , dynamically route the messages as they flow through WESB. I want to read similar sample applications, scenerios, reccommended patterns to build applications using WESB. Can you please point me to the right reading materials? I appreciate your help on this.
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    Juan, China

    2 years ago Comments: Hey Roger, no need to be so defensive and I thoguht NetApp were more about more than storage; yes, you sell storage but I get the feeling that you want to be about more than that? I would say look at some of the EMC papers as well; some of them barely mention EMC stuff for a great majority of them. It can be more than about selling stuff, it can be about informing, engaging and giving back. And don't people keep trying to convince us that NetApp punch above their weight it's not all about size! Believe in Better', that's what I say .I've even got a perspex award which says that I do .do you believe?
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