Leave Mass Murderers In Obscurity

One motivating factor in the deranged minds of mass murderers is to bring attention to their otherwise empty lives, and have what they consider to be a "blaze of glory" moment.   They strike out at innocents, wreak havoc in people's lives and go to their graves fantasizing about how the media will grant them "immortality".  We have seen this pattern before, and this petition seeks to change that.

The petition is simple:  It will be sent to news media requesting they forgo naming and showing the image of mass murderers for 60 days, and instead refer to the killers as "the shooter" or "the killer" and leaving them in the obscurity they deserve.  (In the case where the killers survive, they can be called "the alleged...").

Why do this?

Because after 60 days many news cycles will have passed and people will no longer be in the same emotional state they are in when hearing of a shocking mass murder.  The impact of being named will be diminished to near dismissal.  No "blaze of glory" allowed.

The focus will not be on the perpetrator(s), but instead on the victims.  These killers often treat their victims as mere objects upon which to project their hatred and anger--  it's time to reverse that trend and place it where it truly belongs.

Why 10 million?

Yes, this is a huge number.  But the news outlets rely on many millions of people who watch their programming so anything less will be unlikely to effect change. 

Deny mass murders the fame or infamy they seek by relegating them to the fog of obscurity they most truly deserve.


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