Llay Road B5102 - Speed Reduction

We, the undersigned, demand for the reduction in the speed limit on the Llay Road B5102 continuing towards the Croes Howell Hill. At present the limit is 50mph, we want it reducing to 30mph. Not only is the number of local residents including many children increasing in the vicinity, but there is also an award winning children\'s nursery on this road and parents using the nursery have expressed their concerns. We want the local Council and Highways Department to act responsibly and be sympathetic towards our need for a reduction in the speed limit. We have waited long enough for the limit to be reduced. The traffic is getting faster and busier by the week, which in turn is desecrating the surface of the road. We want the Wrexham Highways Department to urgently survey the speed, quantity and size of vehicles using this road. We want confirmation that these large vehicles have authorisation to use this road and if necessary a weight restriction to be enforced. We will not allow for our lovely country road to be abused like this. The recipient of this petition will be Martin Wright, Chief Transportation and Asset Management Officer, Wrexham Borough Council.




  • Mary Taylor Totally agree with the above.we live opposite the children's nursery on this road and lorries are continually screeching on brakes to avoid collisions with cars coming out of the nursery.There is a bend in the road which makes coming out of Strathalyn lethal because you can't see clearly and lorries are coming at such high speeds,Someone is going to get seriuously hurt one day because the speeds are far too high.Walking up Croeshowell hill has become a nightmare.

  • rob ballance Its really frightening to see fully laden hgv travelling at 50 to 60 mph down a narrow road taking a sharp bend whilst pedestrians walk along the footpath. The road is not suitable for hgv, they cant get up the hill when the road is wet or icy sonthey certainly cant be under control coming down the hill. The limit should be 30 from well before the Croeshowell to the bypass, the road should be designated as not suitable for hgvs and the companies who send lorries down the road told to instruct the drivers to take alternate routes. Regular speed checks would also be a good idea.

  • Krysia Ballance Last night 2.20am in the morning unsociable hours where people should sleep, the wagons from Llay somewhere were driving far too fast down past my house tailing each other At the Mount Alyn gatehouse I was awoken by the house shaking and the floor boards rumbling and my bed shaking - this is unacceptable and the speed limit needs to change. My house which is listed and been there far longer than the lorries and is in danger of being crashed into by the out of control lorry drivers going from a 30mph to a 50mph - something tells me that they are not doing 30mph in the first place. This has kept me awake all night with lorry after lorry shaking the foundations of my house. I will take advise from the council and the police on this matter - really not happy. I am a full time teacher and need my sleep at night. There are alot of residents on this stretch of road. I have a daughter who is learning to drive I fear for her pulling out onto this road.I want the speed limit to be reduced to 30mph and a restriction on lorries driving through at ridiculous hours of the night.

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