Make weed legal for the U.S

This is a petition to make weed legal.If weed was legal tax payers wouldn\'t have to pay for the people in jail who got caught with weed.Also,in the event if this happens it would take the crime out of buying weed,smoking weed,ext. .Lets face it about everyone smokes weed today I bet there are people in our goverment who do and get away with it just face it and make it legal.Also i would like to add weed has been known to be safer than ciggeretts.If ciggeretts are more dangerous and are aloud to be sold why shouldn\'t weed have the same chanceSign this petition please to alow responcible adults(18+) able to have the right to smoke weed.Think of its advantages people wont go out on the streets or nothing to buy weed please make it safer for people and make it to where you dont have to pay money on taxes.


I am Phillip Runyon I\'m 14 and I have made this petition cause I think it will help this country.I know that this aint professional but bare with me Im 14 and trying to help people here.


  • Dominic Nelson Why should we have to petition to be able to use and possess a 100% natural herb? It was never the governments to take away marijuana is not dangerous and yet the government insists on arguing that it is and they don't know enough about to to say it isn't but are to closed minded ignorant to study it. Alcohol and tobacco and pills are legal to take and are extremely harm full to the body but they don't make them illegal. What is their reason for smoking tobacco and drinking? The only reason is because they like it, its something they like to do in their spair time. But yet it kills more then it helps why should we have to have a reason to smoke bud we arnt hurting anyone and if it is harmful to the body why can't we do it when the government is letting people kill their self's with tobacco and alcohol? The base line is the government wants to control everyone they know marijuana opens the mind and helps the human body and sole and they can't have that why would they possibly want their people to be happy and think for them self's? I will continue to smoke weed tell the day I die because its my beleifs.

  • Dennis H For the love of god stop the is way over due. I don't even use it. I just know we can better spend our tax dollars elsewhere. Thanks

  • Nena morena Alcohol is legal and makes people angry and hatefull but weed is illegal and it helps heal more things and makes people happy sony is this not legal yet ?

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