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I recently upgraded my computer to Vista x64 only to realize that I can no longer use my podXT with my computer. I didn\'t think twice of it until I discovered that Line6 don\'t supply drivers for x64 operating systems. I went through Line6\'s ENTIRE community to see if there was a link anywhere that I\'d missed, where the drivers could be. Needless to say I found nothing. I then searched the forums for people who had experienced the same problem as me. There were a couple of \'em. This was 6 months ago. Nothing has happened since, except for Line6 making a statement that they are looking into the POSSIBILITY of writing x64 drivers now. Which is RIDICULOUS. The aim of this petition is to get as many of us at the same place so I can forward this to newspapers, forums and whatnot. Sign up and we\'ll see what will happen. Write down a small comment about what product you own/ed, what OS you\'re using, when you bought it and where you\'re from. You can also write down a little comment to Line6 as I will be sending them the signatures when I\'ve received enough (which hopefully\'ll be in a month or so). Regards./ Johnny G


My name is Johnny G



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    Steven Stewart, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: Pull the finger out!!
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    Speng Beastie, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: A lot of people are having the same problem. We demand 64-bit drviers.
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    Ryan Deuser, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Over $1000 dollars worth of gear I can no longer use with my pc. Thanks line 6
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