Tell the LU Board of Trustees to Consider the Proposed Lincoln University Historic District!

Dear distinguished alumni and friends of Lincoln University,

A few months back you let your voices overwhelmingly be heard to STOP the planned demolition of Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall, one of our university's oldest historic buildings.

You helped us stop the questionable judgment then and we need your voices to be heard again. A Lincoln University Master Campus Plan dated October 2013 now adds Houston Hall, Cresson Hall, Bond House, McRary Hall, Ashmun Hall and Frederick Douglass Hall to the list of buildings to be demolished.

A group of experienced and concerned alumni, the Lincoln University Historic Initiative (LUHI), have been working these past several months with the Commonwealth of PA and supportive elected officials, as well as Friends of Lincoln Village historic preservation group, to have our 15 historic buildings recognized on the National Register of Historic Places. Houston Hall, Cresson Hall and Bond House, slated for demolition, are historic buildings included in the proposed Lincoln University Historic District.

LUHI's vision is to develop an economically viable Lincoln University Historic District that will not only attract visitors, scholars, school groups, business and employment to the campus/region, but will also qualify for preservation grants for much needed repairs to some of the buildings.

We sent a proposal to the Board of Trustees and the Chair, Ms. Kimberly Lloyd has chosen to set it aside and not bring it before the Board or have it considered the Buildings and Property Committee. You can read a copy of the LUHI proposal at

If you have not already done so by email, please sign this petition to register your desire to have Ms. Lloyd bring this matter before the Board of Trustees immediately.

Please, sign below (or on the right) to tell the Lincoln University Board of Trustees to consider the LUHI proposal. Thank you!


Lincoln University Heritage Initiative



  • Concerned Alumni As alumni are we aware that the first restoration project given to the AALU is Bond House. This was done around May 2013.

    Are we trying to save all the buildings or just the ones with real significant history. For example, what was the name of Azikiwe-Nkruman Hall? Is this an honor to them?

    We can easily ask the Lincoln University to start a restoration fund. Are you willing to donate? The value in any petition is that action is taken. Our words, our willingness to share our treasurer and talent must be equal. If we are committed than lets make that committment.

  • tunji roberts Azikiwe-Nkruman Hall, It is important to keep this unique connection with Africa

  • Wadeeah Stokes Please don't take away our historical buildings!!!

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    tunji roberts

    4 months ago LU Class/Graduation Year: -
    Comments: Azikiwe-Nkruman Hall, It is important to keep this unique connection with Africa
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    Wadeeah Stokes

    4 months ago LU Class/Graduation Year: -
    Comments: Please don't take away our historical buildings!!!
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    Nadine Sanders, United States

    6 months ago LU Class/Graduation Year: Class of 1989
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  • Please continue to forward the petition to family and friends and like our Facebook page, Lincoln University Heritage Initiative! The attorney for Lincoln University communicated on June 10, 2014, the intention of the Board of Trustees to proceed with the demolition of Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall. LUHI responded that alumni and friends of the University were steadfast in protecting the historical and cultural legacy of the University and requested reconsideration by the Board. In a statement to the press on June 25, 2014, the Chair of the Board of Trustees has indicated that demolition is on hold while the Board contacts the National Trust. See article:
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