Make life mean LIFE for killer's in the UK

we the undersigned demand that the primeminister and the home secretary repeal any rights that the murderers of baby peter connelly. their right to appeal their sentences should be revoked on the grounds that they gave no rights to peter in his short life and murderers in this country should get life and life to mean life without parole and if they should appeal under the human rights act this right should be taken away from them as they gave no rights to the people that were killed this country is a soft touch and whilst you only get short sentences for murder then deaths in england will continue let us stop it now


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    lorraine allbright, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: keep baby killers and paedophiles behind bars for LIFE!!!
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    Jay, United Kingdom

    6 years ago
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    claire mullinger, United Kingdom

    6 years ago Comments: I totally agree that life should mean life why are we the only country that has courts that generally favour the criminals, When if we had tougher sentences then that would deter the criminals or at least make britains streets safer for this country, especially when this day and age young children/adults are taking part in a life of crime making normal citizens of society scared to let there children out to play or even go to the shops. Too many sick minded criminals think they can get away with their acts of crime when i think that a Life for a Life should be Britains slogan and we should stand up and stop all this criminals rights nonsence and start protecting the inocent members of society.
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