NO MAN OR WOMAN IS ABOVE THE LAW. A STRONG DEMOCRACY MUST HAVE A STRONG SECURITY AND JUSTICE SYSTEM THAT HOLDS BOTH THE CITIZENS AND THEIR LEADERS ACCOUNTABLE REGARDLESS OF TRIBAL ORIGIN, RELIGION, CLASS OR GENDER. After nearly 15 years of Bloody civil war funded in-part by the current president and many others who now roam freely on the streets of Monrovia, we must seek justice for our brothers and sisters who died as a result of this senseless war and compensate those who carry in their bodies the unnecessary pain and brutality of war. Knowing the heavy price we've paid and the disaster of of rewarding war criminals with political positions we must seek justice for the living and the dead. We can no longer sit by to watch the same individuals who brought us war and chaos to lead us. Their hands are wet with the blood of innocent Liberians and they are doing everything to enriched themselves and build better lives for their children while the masses are living in abject poverty. At what point do we say enough? When do we end the circle of bloody politicians leading our country? If those who died were here with us today, will they be happy that the same people who raped and murder them are now leading the country? Join The Public Safety Group International to call for the arrest of war criminals and funders of the Liberian Genocide, who are currently walking free on the same streets they raped and killed the same people they are now asking to vote. We need 50,000 Signatures by June 30th for the creation of a Criminal Court to end the circle of bloody warlords turned-politicians and their financiers. Please visit: The Public Safety Group International (www.liberianmostwanted.com)


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    Dwayne Makala, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Yes it is time to start a new chapter in Liberian history.There can be now peace until justice.
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    Patrick G. Tarr, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I can not join this petition, because I not convince that we have the mechanism to identify war criminals. The closest that we have to is the TRC report and it is filled with flaws. It is dangerous to use wrong to correct wrong. Evil begets evil.
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    Yassah K Kiadii, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I like that Bro,
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