Letter TO Barack Obama

Dear President Obama, I appreciate the effort to be diplomatic, but we know you can do better because we are already doing better on our own. How about we go for the gold??? How about we get the spirit of the great country to lift its sights to a day when we are no longer dependent on OIL for the overwhelming majority of our infrastructure??? That is a site worth working for at all levels. We have ALL the tools necessary for inventing a limitless future of energy and transportation that is not reliant upon the limited resources that the OIL industry has wrought in to the fabric of our experience. Our blind greed and need for dangerous disposable plastic items has created this for us, and our consumption is the primary factor in this saga. Here's what WE can do with our pocketbook. This is what we are organizing since it obviously can't come from an administration controlled by the interests of lobbyists with unlimited financial resources. These people obviously don't communicate in terms of self-respect for the Natural world that produced their species, so we will communicate with their favorite and universal language. Currency, money, cash. 1. Criminalize or heavily tax the use of plastic bags, disposable plastic products, diapers, toys, straws, lids, and everything being found churning in the tonnes of waste floating in the ocean gyres around the world. We are killing our species, and every species with our plastic addiction. 2. Phase out the use of the Internal Combustion Engine, especially those used in automobiles and/or mandate the use of hybrid technologies in ALL CARS by the year 2015. 3. Make the oil companies pay for the clean up. Not just $69 million, but a place a moratorium on a large percentage of the profits earned from sales of OIL in the United States. 4. STOP FIGHTING WARS. It's 2010. When are we going to learn that WE ARE ALL ONE? ALL HUMANS!! WE ARE ONE. I would think this is obvious to you as president who understands life in Hawaii, where ohana is the word of the land and the source. Your war needs OIL. Stop fighting yourself. We armed those countries to begin with. For what? To then fight them with the weapons we gave them? Absurd. Stop making weapons to kill. Make weapons to invent new energy. 5. Our military is one of the most well trained and compassionate forces of creative power on Earth. Why are we using it to fight? Why not use it to create??? To spread the type of condition that precedes all need for violence at the source? To help people, yes PEOPLE, establish a quality of life worldwide where they can live sustainably and peacefully with good old fashioned food grown around communities, peacefully. If we took these five steps toward fulfilling our potential, we would be able to live peacefully and wholly for generations as one balanced human organism capable of all that's imagined and believed to be inconceivable by today's cultural standards. We will vote with our pocketbooks, we'll stop buying plastics, we'll make every effort to make engines, and our dependency upon oil obsolete. Either the companies will turn to invent the forms of energy we are buying and inventing on our own (such as the bloom box), we'll run out of oil, or we'll choke on all the money that won't have any value when we're facing mass extinction just as we begin to rediscover we are not above Nature, but a part of it since the dawn of Creation. Please listen, and don't take us to be pessimistic. We're organizing to include everyone in this transformation. We're highly tuned to the ancient ways of being, we are the ones that built this incredibly beautiful world of man, and the ones that will continue to help it evolve. Help us architect a new dawn. Thank you, The People of Earth



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    Dianna Akehurst, United States

    1 year ago Comments: There are several things that I would like to say. First off the President is stepping all over our amendments and trying to force us to abandon or Freedoms that our forefathers have given us and that is unconstitutional. Second, If the President would just listen to certain people and the Congress a little more then we would not be in a partial government shut down at this time, but no he HAD to Enforce His own agenda of Obama Care. Why couldn't he just wait one more year and be flexible? I think Hillary Clinton would of did a better job in office than Mr. Obama has. At least she would not be trying to serve other countries before our own, bowing to other world leaders that none of our other Presidents have ever done, and she would be looking out for the best interest of this country not for the Muslims. I knew he was a fraud before he was elected and never voted for him in either election. Now finally other people are seeing the same as I knew before he was elected and there isn't much that can be done unless he is out of office. Unfortunately his vice president is probably not going to change much since he is in this with the president. But only by a miracle will the vice president be able to turn things around if the president was to step down!
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    Jonah Freedman, United States

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    Tony Dekker, Canada

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