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755748015129939.png?r=0.7576736321207136Sadly, many young people experience bullying and cyberbullying. This is a growing problem that affects millions of children and teenagers in Europe, sometimes with devastating consequences. 

That is why I commit to becoming an anti-bullying champion in my country, and I support the establishment of a EUROPEAN DAY AGAINST BULLYING, as called for by Members of the European Parliament earlier this year. I will raise awareness of the long term psychological impact that bullying can have on children and young people, and the need for action at a European level. 

Many young people suffer in silence from bullying and cyberbullying. By continuously raising awareness and taking a stand in the debate I make my contribution to halting this problem and making bullying unacceptable in Europe.


On 25 June in the European Parliament, representatives from BeatBullying, Facebook, the European Parliament and European Commission will all debate what can be done to halt the problem of bullying and make it unacceptable. 

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  • Haley Abernathy
    Haley Abernathy United States, Katy
    Oct 08, 2015
    Oct 08, 2015
    Hi my name is Haley when I was in Junior High and High school I was a victim of Bullying. I was bullied for 5 and 1 (1/2)years and 2 weeks during the time I went to school. I was born with a disability called Spina Bifida. I was bullied for being in a wheelchair and called names. I was treated like I was invisible. The other students would throw their feet under my chair and make me run over their feet, then they would make fun of me for it. When they would be walking in the halls they would fall on me on purpose and tell me to watch where I was going. I have a brother who is in college now, but when he was in Junior high he got punched in the face for asking another kid to stop making fun of me. I also now have a 2year old little sister and a 5month old little brother, and I don't want things like that to happen to them when they start going to school.


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