755748015129939.png?r=0.7576736321207136Sadly, many young people experience bullying and cyberbullying. This is a growing problem that affects millions of children and teenagers in Europe, sometimes with devastating consequences. 

That is why I commit to becoming an anti-bullying champion in my country, and I support the establishment of a EUROPEAN DAY AGAINST BULLYING, as called for by Members of the European Parliament earlier this year. I will raise awareness of the long term psychological impact that bullying can have on children and young people, and the need for action at a European level. 

Many young people suffer in silence from bullying and cyberbullying. By continuously raising awareness and taking a stand in the debate I make my contribution to halting this problem and making bullying unacceptable in Europe.


On 25 June in the European Parliament, representatives from BeatBullying, Facebook, the European Parliament and European Commission will all debate what can be done to halt the problem of bullying and make it unacceptable. 

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    Miguel Bravo

    10 months ago Comments: -
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    Benjamin, Netherlands

    1 year ago Comments: My daughter was born May 1st. So my first Mothers' Day came when Grace was only 10 days old. We had lppeoe over because my mom was visiting.. I sat on the couch holding my child and looked as though I would attack anyone who came within 3 feet of me. Then about an hour before dinner I left strict instructions that dinner be brought to me in bed and I took my child to my bedroom, and didn't say goodbye to anyone. That was a Mothers' Day to write home about.. or maybe just a sign that I was heading for dark waters (otherwise known as sleep deprivation)
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    Maila, Switzerland

    1 year ago Comments: Listening to this story brings me back to emteenlary school. I was never bullied nor did I bully. Bu t I was neutral and never stepped up to say it was wrong. I still to this day think about how I could have made a difference and try to empower my children to stand up for kids that are getting bullied and am proud to hear that I have heard storied from teachers of them doing just that. However, as I listen to Amanda Todd's story I think back to a emteenlary school as I often do about a girl that was bullied relentllesly. Today I found her on facebook and sent her the following message a little late but I wanted her to know how I felt and that I tuly am sorry that I never stood up for her when we were children. Of note I am 40 years old and have never forgotten how terrible she must have felt. Hey there,This message is going to sound crazy and out of the blue but in light of all the publicity around Amanda Todd I feel compelled to tell you something I should have many many years ago. I want you to know that I think about you often and how your were relentlesly bullied throughout emteenlary school Although I never particpated in the ACTUAL bullying I most certainly did not step up and say anything to stop it. I want you to know that I think about that often and always use it as a lesson when I am talking to my children now about bullying. I encourage them to step up and say something if someone is being bullied and not to just sit back and do nothing. Because, in fact when you do nothing you are enabling the bullies to continue with what they are doing. So, although this is many years too late please accept my apologoes and know that I learned this valuable lesson in life from you and years after the fact you have an impact on who I am today. Tannis
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