Let's Make Greeley Park Accessible to All!

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The current playground at Greeley Park in Nashua is decades old and in poor condition. It has been well loved, enjoyed beyond its years, has rust, broken parts, and missing swings, and sits in the middle of Nashua's most attractive park. It is NOT currently accessible to individuals with disabilities. All the debate, study, and discussion in the world cannot overcome the fact that this current playground is not accessible to a significant and important portion of our population.

Nashua has an opportunity to accept a gift of $250,000 from a group of Nashua leaders, who want the City to use those funds to replace the old equipment with a new, all-accessible playground. This group has worked for two years with city officials and with licensed professionals who understand ADA compliance and access, to ensure that the new playground will be accessible within Greeley Park to all.

Let's show our support for this great project!

The new playground will replace the old equipment, will mesh with the park's natural motif, and be accessible to all! It will not take up any additional green space in Greeley Park. Appropriate parking and access has also been taken into account, with the plans for a new playground as well.

Greeley Park is often described as the crown jewel in Nashua's park system. Let's start treating it that way, and replace the playground and improve the park's access for people of all abilities!

If we reach 500 signatures before Monday April 21st, the signature goal will be raised. Go for the gusto, and share this petition with your Nashua friends!

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