Let Warner Bros. Know: Please Release "Twice Upon A Time" on DVD!

To Warner Brothers Home Video and Warner Archive:

This petition is meant to inform you that there is an active interest in and demand for a home video release (DVD and/or Blu-ray) of the long unreleased 1983 animated cult would-be classic Twice Upon A Time.

The film has had a storied history and was never truly given a proper release. There are two versions of the film: one that was appropriate for all ages and one that had been re-dubbed to include "edgier" language. For years there has been much confusion over which version was the original cut of the film, made only more confusing when the PG version was released on VHS while the PG-13 version routinely aired on HBO.

On April 26th, with the help of Warner Bros., Animation Breakdown presented a rare 35mm screening of Twice Upon A Timeto a packed house at LA's Cinefamily. The film's co-director John Korty was in attendance for a Q&A and brought with him a written statement, a link to which can be found at the bottom of this petition. This statement was meant to set the record straight on the film's complicated history, and tell the true story of the two versions.

He closed the letter by urging us to contact Warner Bros. to ask that both versions be released on DVD. This suggestion was met with applause and overwhelming enthusiasm.

So that's exactly what we're doing. We the undersigned are requesting that you release both versions of the film on DVD/Blu-ray, ideally along with bonus features and commentary that shed light on the film's fascinating production and history.

Twice Upon A Timeis an utterly unique animated feature that looks unlike any other animated film ever made, and is all the more mesmerizing in this age of homogenized CG-fare. We believe a proper release would be an intriguing document of a milestone of inventive filmmaking and would allow the film to finally reach the audience it deserves.

Thank you,

Alex McDonald
Director & Programmer
Animation Breakdown @ The Cinefamily

John Korty's original written statement: http://cinefamily.tumblr.com/


Animation Breakdown and The Cinefamily




  • Regan Schroeder Almost nothing is more enjoyable to me than when I can quote this movie and someone actually gets the reference. Sadly that's only happened once or twice in the last twenty or so years and that's something that needs to be remedied. I owe a very dear friend for showing me this movie years and years ago (I'd bet he still has his original copy on betamax) and I would love to be able to share that same delight upon first viewing (and many subsequent follow-ups) with others. This is a beautifully animated, quirky and awesome movie that needs to be seen and adored for the gem it is.

  • Kimber Some Silly Ficcer I loved this movie when I saw it a bajillion years ago (or so it seems) and I have been longing to have a copy of some kind ever since. I've pointed many, many people at it over the years and everyone who's managed to see it has adored it. It would be monstrously awesome if this sweet and quirky little animated film could be made available to the public.

  • Ann Larimer It's a shame this movie has been lost to most of us. It is beautiful and deserves to be seen again.

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