Let Anthony Jimenez Coach

Many parents request me to coach their sons in the Y, I have had a great 3 seasons with them thus far and there is no reason to not let me coach based on what I do outside of the Y being that I make music. They made a rash decision out the blue to give me a background check and are also pulling one thing that has been adjudicated and was over 10 years old. Judge a man how he stands in front of you and who he is now not who he was as a 17 year old boy. It would make a difference by letting me make a difference in these kids lives, I have emails right now from parents stating that their son will only play basketball for me and if I didn't coach they wouldn't play. I am a volunteer and do not get paid for this. It's something I enjoy and do it for the children.


  • John Davidson IV Ive known Anthony since high school and I can attest to the fact that he is a positive person who seeks the betterment of individuals. If a person expresses themselves through art, we must understand that this is the only appropriate outlet for someone to explain the trials that an adverse environment has approached them with. I constantly have to send letters of approval and dismissal of charges to help my own community and it's something that needs to be examined because if you turn away the willing, who else do you have left? To even think that an organization would deny a person to volunteer is absurd. Especially someone who has been granted this opportunity continuously until now without an incident.

  • Adrian Everybody deserves a chance

  • Michael Gibson I have known Anthony since we were 14 or 15. He might have made mistakes in his life, but who hasn't. We lost touch for a few years while I was in the military and always deployed, but when I got back and reached out to him, I was very happy to see that he got his life together. He is the perfect person to teach kids, b/c he has some life experiences that these same kids might go through in life. Good luck AMP and continue to be that positive role model.

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