Leonardo Dicaprio: Hollywood's finest, why he deserves an Oscar.

     Leonardo Dicaprio has been in the film industry for about 23 years, he has been commissioned in commercials, television series, video documentary shorts, educational films, and an ample selection of high-ranked silver screen movies. This only proves his ability to immerse himself in the role of the character he is expected to play clearly demonstrating his exclusive acting capacity. Dicaprio's onscreen appearance is not only enjoyable, but allows the audience a deeper understanding of the portrayed character's emotions and endeavors; thus making his characters memorable. We're beginning to think that he may not be human and is just incepted into the minds of the viewers, maybe that's why he's never been awarded an Oscar? Possibly not, but it doesn't seem to stop masses of tweets and blog posts grumbling about how Leo deserved at least a nomination for his act in Django. 

    As if he didn't get enough glass-induced injuries from Aretha Wilson, Mr.Dicaprio sacrificed his hand to shards of glass that were entrenched into his palm, and continued his performance without inquiring medical assistance for his bleeding hand; using it as a prop in order to greater reflect Calvin Candie's disposition in the scene. Really, he should just get an award for each piece of glass shattered on that table, much like all of our hopes of him getting an Oscar this year. He might have broken all of that glass, but the one thing he never broke was character. If you don't think that deserves an Oscar, you're wrong. Simple.

     Note: While there was actual blood, that scene deserves diamonds.

     Ultimately,The Academy has insulted his most recent accomplishment by indicating that his performance is not worthy of nomination. It should be acknowledged that Leonardo Dicaprio is an Elite, Award-Deserving Actor that impacts any audience. As moviegoers, we are enthralled by his performances, and skillful ability that allows us to empathize with the character disregarding whether they are good or bad. None of of these traits were taken into account while they were making their choices to nominate, this injustice can truly make anyone shutter

 By signing this petition you're certifying that he is truly deserving of an award. Possibly even a national holiday in his honor, and patience of having to deal with The Academy having it out for him all these years.



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