Force Legolas to make his children dinner IRL!!

Legolas, the High Council of Divine Forces has an addiction. He has an addiction to making attention craving RSC Posts. This is only one of his minor (web-based) problems. He also is known for his 'camping trip' with his son when he met up with a member of his clan (female) and had sex with her. She wasn't 18 yet. Legolas had 99 Agility and got away before the "To Catch a Predator" police got to him. The main point of this Petition is not for his pedophile like acts in real life, nor to stop his gay RSC Posts, BUT TO HELP HIS CHILDREN IN NEED, will all this attention to his pixels and his sex-slaves, he lacks time to give a nice warm dinner to his poor adopted children. Screw Lego, Save The Children!


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    ace1506, United States

    7 years ago Comments: nigger!
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    suffocate v, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: Everyday thousands of children die from starvation. It is bad enough with this occuring in third world countrys but it doesnt need to happen in America. Lego you are my leader and all, but im so use to snitching and stuff, that I am going to snitch to the child welfare agency if you dont get into that kitchen and make your poor children somthing to eat. Most of the time we talk about obesity in children, but ur children we talk about tooth picks. If you dont feed your children I will call you no honor and I will talk to my brother in real life His lordship. Together we will conduct a way of making the way you starve your children irl a form of nh on a virtual video game, insane that may sound. But remember we are both fags, and so are you. I would hate for our relationship to end because of such a thing, but tbh ballinboy always pumped my ass better. SO FEED THE BABYS OR NO MORE ANAL FOR U!!
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    Valairiel, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Chris Hansen loves you Lego!
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