Demand for Fallen Empire: Legions

We, the FE: Legions community are fed up. We have been patient and tolerated lack of updates for years and then we have been patient while the site was down too but enough is enough. It is not even so much the fact that we were lied to about how long the site would be down or that Legions wasn't updated for so long but about the fact that whoever is running the show clearly has no idea how important Legions is. It is one of a kind (except for its connection to Tribes) and although I cannot speak for everyone I know that if Legions were given some updates, a few new maps and maybe some aspects of Tribes (essentially, if the talented people at IA were allowed to give it their attention) then it would be one of the most fantastic games available and I would certainly be willing to pay to play it. Some suggest running the game on a standalone platform so that the community can do as they wish with it. Most of us feel that after playing Legions even the best selling games out there do not compare and do not give us the same amount of fun as we get from Legions. We have created this petition so that you can see how strongly we support Legions and that there are more than just one or two of us. Even if you have to commercialize it, BRING BACK LEGIONS!



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    apacer, Romania

    5 years ago Comments: BRING BACK LEGIONS! "Even if you have to commercialize it, BRING BACK LEGIONS! " no! they take enough money only from google...ok? :)... FREE LEGIONS!!!
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    Stephen Harrington, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I absolutely love this game and InstantAction. With that said, I really think that if the InstantAction team doesn't have the man power to update the game according to their plans, then I am completely for paying for Legions or some other alternative, as I bet most of the community is too. signed, Steve Harrington aka Gojifan
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    Jodediah Holems, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Agreed. My clan fell apart and I miss my friends. Bring it back.
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