Legalizing Surrogacy In New York State


I am moving to make a change in the New York State Law banning the right to surrogacy. The right to bare a child or children for a couple seeking to start or grow a family that they can not other wise do for themselves, should solelybe the decision of such woman offering to do so. The choice to give your body to somebody else in order to continue creating lifeshould be a person own and there for have nothing in common with government opinion. Surrogacy is avery beautiful way in which one human being is able to give another the ultimate most priceless gift.

I want to start a movement to change the law governing a woman's right to choose to be a surrogate in the state of New York. In the modern times of today nothing is to extraordinary.Families of whom choose to have children and need assistance along the way, should be afford the right to be able to use and find a surrogate close to their home. Why should a couple already facing hardships be forced to travel possibly hundred if not thousands of miles away to make their family a possibility. Is it humane to require a family needing a surrogate to miss out on the incredibly intimate relationship and daily changing aspects of their growing child? Would it not be a better, healthier situation if all parties were able to close and experience the process of pregnancy together? If a couple in New York state were legally able to use a surrogate from New York would the process not be smoother? A surrogate would have the extra comfort and support of having the family she would be giving this new life to close by, to lean on for support. She would also have the ability to allow this familyto get to know their child even before it was born.

I stand up and will use my voice to help change the governing decisions on surrogacy in New York State. Lets remove the politics from an area in which they really shouldn't have a say. Creating life in any form is a persons a choice not the governments. Stand with me and give woman in New York the right to give the gift of life to families who can not other wise do so for themselves. Stand with me to give families in New York State who have no other choice to start a family other than finding a surrogate the right to find one close to home. Stand with me and make a difference.


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