legalize marijuana

History of marijuana.. Since ancient times marijuana was used to gain euphoria. Around 6000 B.C. the Chinese would use marijuana seeds as food. In 2737 B.C. the Chinese described marijuana as a medical compendium. After documented the Chinese grew marijuana in large amounts for food and fiber. The very first fabric known to man was made of dried marijuana hemp. After China, people started to smoke marijuana in India. The first actual refrence someone using marijuana to get high was a Chinese emperor Shen-Nung. It dates back to 2737 B.C. in the Chinese emperors writings. They were amazed of its powers and used it as a medicine for rheumatism, malaria, gout, an even absent-mindedness. The Scythian tribes started to cultivate marijuana in 1500 B.C. the Scythian tribes used it as clothe and also used marijuana seeds as an offering in royal tombs. The Scythians introduced marijuana to the Europeans around 500 B.C. It then speaded through-out the subcontinent over the next 400 years. In the sacred text arthava-veda the hindu refers to marijuana as “sacred grass”. The jewish Talmud mentions marijuana for its euphoric properties between 500-600 B.C. In 1797, George Washington grew marijuana as his primary crop. Thomas Jefferson grew marijuana as his secondary crop. Harry J. Anslinger was a prohibitionist, and commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Anslinger clamed marijuana causes temporary insanity. He started a nationwide campaign using the media to betray marijuana in the worst possible ways he could think of. There was a movie called “Reefer Madness” where the scroll at the beginning of the movie says “a violent narcotic” and “the real public enemy number one”. It also says marijuana leads to “acts of shocking violence”. The movie “reefer madness” also refers to marijuana as a worse drug then herion and cocaine. There were also commercials made saying that marijuana will kill you, showing a young teen inhale one hit of a joint then cough an fall down and die. Marijuana became a crime based on lies and uncertainty. It should be a personal decision if a person wants to smoke weed or not and not be considered a criminal for doing so. Alcohol and cigarettes kill more people in one month then marijuana ever has. That’s actually an understatement, marijuana itself never killed anyone. Innocent people get killed all the time by getting  hit by a drunk driver. Kids and other family members get cancer from 2nd hand smoke of cigarettes. If marijuana was legalized people wouldn’t have to pay taxes to keep marijuana users in jail, that would be a plus even if you don’t decide to smoke marijuana. Marijuana would also help the economy by creating thousands of new jobs from cultivating, distribution, transportation, and coffee shops.

 Reasons to legalize it!

- It is a part of America’s history, in a good way.

- It would create a tax cut

- It would create thousands of new jobs



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    5 years ago Comments: marijuana is one of the least harmful "illegal" substances. there are actucally legal drugs more harmful to man than weed..such as cigarettes..alcohol..and so yeahhh weed should be legal
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