Legalization and Taxation of cannabis In United States

Marijuana is well known for easing pain, fostering creativity, and even fighting cancer, yet people all over the United States are being prosecuted everyday for using a substance that is proven to be less harmful than most prescription drugs and legal substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. marijuana is a drug and like all medications it can have its negative side affects, but do you think everyday good people deserve to be classified as criminals? The only criminals there are in marijuana are the drug dealers that can only sell to us because weed is illegal. It is unfair that we should have to deal with criminals and worry about being arrested for something that is not harming anyone including ourselves. Taxation would ensure that everyone benefits bolstering huge revenue for the state, and secure dispensaries would minimize risk of under aged abuse of the drug. Keep in mind that alcohol and tobacco is more harmful and under aged individuals getting their hands on it hasn't caused those products to become illegal.


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