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Legalize Marijuana in North Carolina

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Legalizing marijuana would be very beneficial in the State of North Carolina. Not only would it increase the amount of money our state makes overall, but it would save the majority of money that we spend to stop this "drug war in America". With marijuana being legal, the drug war would not even exist. It would also decrease the population of criminals in our prisons, thus, saving tons and tons of money that we could put towards our educational systems. Marijuana can be used to make hemp and other products that we use and buy on a daily basis. We can also use marijuana oil as a renewable fuel. Legalizing marijuana would cause a sudden drop in need for alcohol, and alcohol consumption would plummet, getting rid of tons of deaths and tons of addictions. Over 88,000 deaths are due to excessive alcohol use each year in the United states, and more than 480,000 deaths annually by tobacco, including secondhand. Marijuana is non toxic, and it cannot cause death by overdose, but it is still illegal in the US. Marijuana can be used to alleviate pain and suffering humanely. The list goes on. Please open your eyes and help the people, and help yourselves, live a better life.



July 13
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