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Welcome to the Pot Legalization Organization (P.L.O.) We are a group determined to fight for the legalization of marijuana. We will prove through research and other proof that marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco, in fact it is proven to be beneficial to long term and short term health with the only side affect being a great feeling of euphoria. Therefore, marijuana should be legalized. Law enforcement should stop arresting smokers for simply taking up a private hobby which bothers no one and simply affects the smoker in a positive way (relieves stress, nausea,stimulates appetite, and relieves insomnia). Get involved in the Drug War and let them know where you stand. We should follow the examples of other respected countries around the world decriminalizing marijuana for personal,economical, industrial, and medical reasons(Holland, Britain, Canada, Spain, etc...). AMERICA, GET WITH THE PROGRAM!


We are the P.L.O. (Pot Legalization Organization), a group determined to fight for an end to pot prohibition. We are based in Miami, Fl and we hope to gain support both locally, and from fellow potsmokers across the nation. Contact us at and visit our website at



  • Abhishek Krishnan Numerous studies have shown that not only is weed safer than tobacco, but also more helpful medically. India should leaglize weed to the same status it held before the badly thought out NDPS act, put in place due to american pressure.
    From a religious standpoint, the atharva Veda calls marijuana as one of the 'five sacred plants' of Hindu doctrine. And from an economic and environmental standpoint, this one plant provides more commercially viable products than any other.
    I believe its about time we legalize marijuana around the world and hope that the Indian government could set a precedence in this regard.

  • Sid Kalash Legalise in Florida!!!

  • jeff boydston i am disabled i suffer from pain everyday of my life i am on hydrocodone and hate taking the vicodin for fear of what it is doing to my liver i am an advocate for marijuana as it does not have all of the negetative side effects my doctor has told me point blank he would rather i smoke a joint than take the pills i am an adult and should be allowed to make my own decisions

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