Legalization Of recreational Marijuana in Florida

With Colorado and Washington both Legalizing recreational use of Marijuana: Florida could expect to see an estimate between 250 - 600 million dollars in tax revenue. Florida could also see anywhere between 30 to 75 million dollars in tax savings. With Florida being a major tourist destination: tourists may want to take part in buying marijuana at various "shops" where they can purchase, and consume. Therefore boosting the states economy. With Florida Prisons Florida could expect to see anywhere between 500 million to 2 billion dollars in savings for prosecuting the plants legalization. The prohibition of marijuana costs tax payers an estimated 42 billion dollars annually. In California alone: marijuana growers account for 14 billion in sales. Florida could easily double that, while putting a consumption tax on the drug (like cigarettes).While the marijuana industry accumulates 36 billion a year in the selling of it illegally: people could expect to see that number double if it were legalized. Bloomberg estimates also that marijuana legalization could be a 45 to 100 Billion dollar market. therefore boosting local economies. where the extra revenue can be used to create more jobs, provide government assistance to those in need, housing assistance, and medicare to the elderly in need.
Everyone who signs this petition: I strongly recommend you posting the web address to your facebook, twitter, or social media website you currently are subscribed to. The more people that see this, agree, and sign it: the better of a chance that Congress will look into this, put it on the next, presidential ballot, and get it passed. Don't put it off.

Please note: you must be over the age of 18 to sign this petition. same requirement to cast a vote on any election.



  • Robert Anderson If the vote was for total legalize completely for medical and recreational use we would have seen more that 57% vote yes in Florida!! Many felt that medical alone did not go far enough and so they did not vote for it or even show up to vote. Even with that 57% is a strong statement of support! I think we need our elected to legalize completely now. There is no need to wait until the next election!! Do it now.

  • Dally Ruthers Agreed.

  • Alan Torres You have idiots in Las Vegas lobbying for it to stay illegal. My question is, If you don't live in Florida, Why stick your nose where it doesn't belong? If you're not a Florida resident, then you shouldn't have a say so as to what gets passed and what doesn't. That's for FLORIDA RESIDENTS to decide. Not some rich, pompous individuals that live in the dessert that have nothing else to do with their money other than help dictate what goes on in a state he doesn't even live in, but that's none of my business!

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