let the legal drinking age be lowered and allow, by law, them to drink with guardians

I beleive that by lowering the legal drinking age alcoholism will be gone by the time my children have children. \"In Portugal and Belgium, there are no age restrictions on purchasing or drinking alcohol, and in New Zealand, children of all ages can drink in public with their parents. These countries believe that kids who are allowed to drink with their families become socialized to drinking moderately. In the United States, despite--or perhaps because of--continual admonitions not to drink, the young and inexperienced often go overboard.\" psychology today


I am a college student who beleives that binge drinking is brought to us by the inexperienced and could be prevented. the petition i have written up would be one preventetive step. I think that all over the world drinking is not so tabboo and exciting for it\'s youth, as here in america at a young age you get a rush from breaking these laws and it ends up causing more trouble than it is worth.


I know of no links to this kind of agenda.


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    tracey h., United States

    3 years ago State: South Carolina
    Country: United States
    Comments: truly the drinking age needs to be lowered most of the US was build on religious belief. that is not the case anymore, if someone is old enough to buy cigarettes, join the military if they wish, go to bars or clubs, own a gun etc. they have the right to NOT ONLY DRINK ALCOHOL BUT BUY IT AS WELL. just because of a few bad apples that made the wrong decision and gotten into trouble or got themselves hurt dosent mean it has to be ruined for everyone else! their are kids out their as you read this drinking and trying to get others to buy alcohol for them. People 18- 20 years old is considered an adult and should be treated as so!
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    Kevin Smith, United States

    6 years ago Country: US
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    Gilbert Liden, United States

    6 years ago State: AR
    Country: US
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