Lebanon City Schools Dress Code

I am a concerned parent of a child that is enrolled in a school in the city of Lebanon. The new dress code was imposed upon the parents Mid-Year. Along with this dress code, the school Superintendant says the new dress code will make our school safer, and the children will learn better. I have several issues with this. First off the children do not learn by what they wear but by what there teacher, teaches them. The violence is not going to decrease because a child wears a pair of brown pants vs a pair of blue jeans. Along this line she also stated gang colors are red and blue, however there is also black and white that can serve as gang colors. My child at the age of seven even said to me, \"daddy I don\'t learn better because I wear a collared shirt, I learn because my teacher is awesome.\" I had to chuckle at this because she is seven and knows clothing will not change how well she does in school. We need to focus on the important things, like the education of our children, not what they wear. Most of the parents are nervous when they speak so a lot of them do not do it publicly, so I am giving them a voice with this petition. My goal is to have the previous dress code re-instated and ENFORCED. When I was in school we were allowed to express who we were through our clothing and violence was not an issue. A lot of things contribute to violence and higher education today, and one of them is not what you wear. Lets correct the original mistakes of not enforcing the original dress code, not add more restrictions to it.


Nathan Winterstein nate@nandspc.com


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    anonymous, United States

    7 years ago
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    terry schauer, United States

    7 years ago Comments: did the dress code stop the 14 year old girl from lebanon junior high from setting a fire in a trash can the other day maybe i am missing something. we cant let our kids wear jeans but they can get into school with lighters or matches kinda really makes you wonder...
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    Michaelena Leach, United States

    7 years ago Comments: The dress code does not make a person who they are. The person themselves make them who they are.
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