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Jack Thompson is notorious in the video gaming world as the Miami-based lawyer with a vendetta against the video game industry. Since 1999, Thompson has been involved in many controversial lawsuits and public scandals. To learn more about Jack and his history with the video game industry, head to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Thompson_(attorney) The following petition has been sparked as a result of a recent news story involving video game fan who commited suicide recently, and Jack Thompson\'s reply to the situation. It has been seen as very rude and insulting, claiming that video games and their respective communities are \"senseless\", that gamers are of below-average intellegence, and that gaming is a \"masturbatory activity\". (See this site for a detailed explanation of the suicide http://news.gaminghorizon.com/media2/1137635340.3198.html and here for a report on Jack Thompson\'s reply http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/thompson/thompson-on-the-gamer-suicide-149939.php) Statements of this nature are bound to insult the community, and it\'s about time Jack was asked to stop his slander and unfair propaganda techniques. This petition is intended for Jack Thompson and Jack Thompson alone. The message is simple. \"Please stop\". Gaming is a legitimate pasttime, and the gaming community, industry, and spirit is too strong for you to break. (Wether you\'re a gamer or not..if you\'re sympathetic to the cause please sign..we need to get this message through)


Petition started by Ken Kimber


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    Sean Ausi, United States

    2 years ago Country: United States
    Comments: you went too far when you used some guys suicide as a platform to hate and spread bullshit. your ignorance level reaches extremly high.... you sometimes make the westboro baptist church look intelegent..... and thats saying alot. i showed what you did to my dad, my gym teacher, and my bible study group. your actions have made people that dont play/despise game CRY. you made a hardened old man cry, a gamephobic father cry, and a WHOLE CLASS OF 26 KIDS AND 2 PRIESTS cry. you are a desgusting individual and may god have mercy on your soul..... maybe you will only burn in hell for half of an eternity. you should not have any power in government at all because you clearly dont benifit THE PEOPLE. and don't even get me started on the flowers for jack project. that was a kind gesture and you turned it around and used it for hate.
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    green modular homes, Russian Federation

    2 years ago Country: Dinan7649@yahoo.com
    Comments: n34d6M A round of applause for your article.Really thank you! Great.
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    Jorge, Panama

    2 years ago Country: Panama
    Comments: That guy really need to focus on something else like bad parenting, drugs, no all gamers are violent because of videogames
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