To the social media bullies who have attacked Alan Belford Jones AO, famous radio broadcaster, school teacher, rugby union coach, rugby league coach, star of the musical theatre and world traveller, we the undersigned demand that you LEAVE ALAN ALONE!

Never before in the history of Australian media have we seen an individual attacked by the internet in this manner.

We demand that the Australian Federal Police take action. While we do not condone violence, we accept that some 'forceful' measures may be necessary to bring these 'trolls' to justice. We also demand that the Australian Government legislate towards harsher punishments for these 'social media terrorists', many of whom have literally bombarded Alan and his sponsors via the 21st Century medium of cyber-space.

We accept that Alan made some unfortunate comments recently regarding the deceased father of Ms J Gillard. The comments - made at a Liberal Party function - were not meant for public consumption and were jokingly presented for the greater good. Regardless of this, Alan has since apologized. It is more unfortunate that Ms J Gillard has not accepted the apology. As a consequence of this, we demand that the main-steam media only publish articles that absolve Alan of any wrongdoing.

In addition, we note Alan's commitment to his sponsors and the complete lack of loyalty shown by some of these sponsors, companies that made a decent profit from Alan's endorsement of their products. Therefore, we demand a public apology from all these sponsors as well as monetary compensation to Alan. We also demand that his Mercedes car is returned to him.

The controversy surrounding this episode should present an outrage to all decent Australians. Alan is not well at the moment and his health should also be taken into consideration. But like the soldiers that fought for our British heritage on the beaches of Gallipoli, Alan would never complain.

So it is up to the undersigned, we true-blue Aussies, to send this letter of demand to the cyber terrorists and their minions to LEAVE ALAN ALONE!

Alan Jones as Franklin D Roosevelt in the stage musical, Annie. Source: Wikipedia

Alan Jones as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the musical Annie.
Source: Wikipedia



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