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We the udersigned would like to petition Liverpool City Council Taxi Licensing Comittee to provide exempt vehicles( Chauffeur Hire,Tour guides etc) with suitable idetification to display in front windscreens, to show that vehicles are properly licensed to carry passengers. Thereby providing identification to council contractors when vehicles are in bus lanes and to police and counci officers when vehicles are at Large venues or events. This would not only save all concerned time and money on wasted enquiries, but also help to elimiate those that are not complying with regulataions


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    Elizabeth Newell, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Company Name: MerseyGuides Association
    Type of business e.g. Chauffeur Hire: Tourist guides
    Comments: Doing a tour with a potentially VERY important American corporate tour agent in a chauffered car (a pax on Crystal Symphony cruiseliner) we had to go a long way round to avoid the bus lane at the bottom of St. John's Lane. Fortunately traffic was light otherwise we could have wasted a lot of valuable time; as it was we were against the clock to do the City centre before going out to Penny Lane and then over to Port Sunlight, but the diversion was a nuisance. Sheis employed by top Wall Street banks and could bring a lot of business to Liverpool
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    b byrne, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Company Name: -
    Type of business e.g. Chauffeur Hire: tourism
    Comments: -
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    Trevor Longmore, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Company Name: InStyle Executive Travel
    Type of business e.g. Chauffeur Hire: Liverpool Chauffeur Hire
    Comments: Chauffeur companies offer a valuable service to the city and it is clear that chauffeur cars must be allowed to use bus lanes without being penalised. If we can not do this - it has a servere impact on the quality of service we offer our clients (business people in the area and vistors to the city from abroad). Lets hope for a sensible outcome to this. This petition has my full support. Trevor Longmore - Director at InStyle Executive Travel in Liverpool.
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