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This goes to all media outlets, record labels, & management, Layne Staley was a talented, gifted vocalist, songwriter, musician, & artist!

Fans of Layne Staley are joining together to demand his contributions to music be respectfully Honored.

A True Book: (one written by family & friends & fellow bandmates that have true, postitive, incredible stories about Layne!)

A MTV/VH1 Behind The Music Special/Rockumentary: (since AIC is out on tour again w/the new lineup & songs, we feel as though it would not only honor Layne's memory & achievements w/AIC, but also promote the band.) *Which has already brought a new generation of AIC fans, not to mention that in every interview the topic of layne staley comes up*

A Movie/Biopic: (one that depicts how he achieved his goal with that powerful voice and drive to become a singer. His legacy in AIC, Mad Season, Misc Side Projects.)

Plez join us over at laynestaleyfans group on facebook, let us know if you have any suggestions. *any of the above suggestions, we would hope that Layne's Mother (Nancy) would approve & allow a true...yet tastful tribute to her son's beautiful legacy he left us with*

*Notice from Petition Owner - Pleaseread this petition in fullbefore signing to make certain you fully understand and agree with what this petition for Layne Staley represents!





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LayneStaley Fansgroup / Facebook:

To find out additional info or make suggestions plez feel welcomed to come check us out at the laynestaleyfans group on fb! it's all about the layne luv!

LayneStaley Fansgroup Video Channel:

 Watch all the videos of this legend by visiting the LayneStaleyFans Youtube Channel!

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  • dave brown layne touched me on a very deep level. his voice haunts me in a way that i cannot describe. i listen to his music all the time, still. i simply cannot think of a singer that tops him. his voice was so original and so powerful. i was very sad the day he died. i understood his struggle very well.

  • El Bour. Mr. Staley should be honored for honoring art by reflecting, bonding and transforming emotions and by his vast talent.

  • mike I contributed to the layne staley fund and hope something like this happens for all us true fans and fans struggling with the same addiction

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    amie moore

    2 weeks ago Comments: iv heard bandmates of Alice an friends talk of Layne his feelings on interviews an how it's all twisted Layne's feelings on it he didn't like it! His sister told him this chic wanted to write a book about him an Layne said "tell her write a book about herself!" i think family an friends are holding true to Layne's feelings an obligation almost cause of the distance at the end of his life! Maybe they know in putting something out about Layne all their shit good an bad will be told as well! i think Layne's story needs to be told as a release for them an most of all Layne! There are no bad guys here everything happened for a reason!?
    What's your suggestion?: -
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    Kate fred

    3 weeks ago Comments: What a beautiful voice that left us way too soon, his voice was full of power but then could sing a baby to sleep in an instant. He was one of the greatest voices and needs to be recognized !!
    What's your suggestion?: Genuine interviews with people who were close to him that highlight his love for art and music
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    melissa Bordelon

    3 weeks ago Comments: Love Layne Staley Forever - There will Never be even close to another one like him! Gone! It still makes my heart hurt!
    What's your suggestion?: Are you kidding me? Yes indeed! I can t believe there hasn't been one yet! Layne surely should have some honoring him ,showing all he contributed , have you seen all the youtube videos of other popular artist TRING yes I said TRYING to sing his songs? HAHA! FUNNY! Because they can't! Just like in Eddie Vedder 's song to/about Layne go ahead and try to sing like Layne because you can't ! Something like that..... early a.m. !!!! Lay e deserves a lot of recognition ! He is listed as a LEGEND EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK....SEEK UR TRUTH!
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