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Theodor Landscheidt (Bremen, 1927 - May 20 2004)

In 1989,Landscheidt forecast a period of sunspot minima after 1990, accompanied by increased cold, with a stronger minimum and more intense cold which should peak in 2030 [1], which he described as the "Landscheidt Minimum" Importantly Landscheidt laid the foundation using astronomical markers that repeat, that enable the accurate prediction of Solar Grand Minima. With his foundation we now have slightly better tools that very accurately predict Solar Grand Minima.

Without Theodor we would not have this valuable tool that is now being recognized by science. Theodore Landscheidt deserves the naming rights if indeed a solar grand minimum is observed in the current period, we owe it to him to ensure other parties with other interests do not get away with hi jacking this grand minimum.

Please use real names.

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  • Jim Yushchyshyn Science is not decided by petitions. Otherwise, why not petition to repeal the Law of Gravity.

  • John Vance This theory fits the explanation on why Inigo Jones, the Australian long range weather forecaster got his predictions fairly accurately in a the early 1900's.
    My opinion, after much study, is that it is drawn of solid scientific conclusions

  • John Vance This web site is the beginning of the end for UN scare tactics involving the International panel for climate change. And the bankers and non elected officials of the UN. Its time money was put into this issue to expose their nonsense.

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