Labelling Halal Meat

We say halal meat must be labelled in shops, take-aways and restaurants. We recognise that most halal meat is stunned before slaughter; it is the Shahada, the declaration to Allah, which most concerns us. Muslims should be able to buy halal meat, properly labelled. But retail outlets should not secretly impose it on the rest of us. Any meat, stunned or not, over which a slaughterman has said 'Bismillah Allah al Akhbar' should be labelled as having been ritually slaughtered.

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  • David Willis I totally disagree with both sides of this argument. For many years the governments of this country have worked towards making all meat safe for all people of this country and not for any individual or religion. If animals are to be slaughtered to feed the population of this country then that is the standard that should be set for all occupants of this country. If people do not like the standards set by government then they can go out and kill their own meat, say their prayers (either Kosher or Halal) and hope that they are heard by the killing before the animal is terminated. Standards are set for everyone. WAKE UP!!!

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