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Kyron Leslie for B.E.T Music Matters

8 Signatures Goal: 10,000

Kyron, an artist from humble beginnings, is passionate about community involvement and youth literacy. When off the stage, you can find him volunteering with organizations such as BoostUp. His dedication assists with the BoostUp's goal of giving potential graduates at-risk of dropping out the support they need to stay in school and on-track for graduation. 

Music plays a major role in everyone lives whether it's for relaxation, excitement, or just plan soothing. We listen to music based off our mode. With so many artists in the industry they forget about the main event; which is preparing our youth for success in the next generation. Kyron is very passionate about instilling success into our youth of today and gearing them towards the future. 

 For this reason alone the message that Kyron is instilling in our youth; the message he is trying to embed into their lives should make him a very competitive edge for B.E.T. Music Matters. He is up for nomination for the Taping of B.E.T. Matters but we need your help to make this happen! Let Kyron be the voice; our advocate for our youth; if no one else cares Kyron cares! 

Check him out at:, but don't forget to sign our petition to send to B.E.T. Music Matters.

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