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I speak on the behalf of many fans of Animation's Kuroshitsuji series. This petition is being written in the hope that your studio will think about making a moive of the series. The popularity of this anime has grown significantly globally and we hope this petition will be enough to have even a small impact on your studio. Please bear in mind that this petition only encompasses a small group of fans that I was able to reach and that there are many thousands more out there whether they know it yet or not.


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    Abigail, United States

    3 years ago Comments: A kuroshitsuji ANIMATED movie would be really cool!!! I put emphasis on animated because I feel that if this series were to have a live action movie the cast would probably suck and totally kill the character's roles. Especially the relationship between Sebastian and Ciel. They already have an awkward border line shonenia realtionship in the anime (which I have no problem with x3) and knowing us Americans with real human actors people would probably really be wierded out by it, at least those who dont watch anime. But yes kuroshitsuji movie would be great especially if it were to show how Sebastain turns Ciel back into a human and in the end decides to be his butler forever, by saying this i mean either until Ciel dies (which with his line of work probably wouldnt be too far down the line) or until Ciel gets tired of him which would be NEVER!!! xD Just to clarify something yeah im a yaoi fan. but i dont like this fan-imagined couple because i want to see them "do it" (mostly because most all fanfiction of them is pure smut xb) its because I honestly think Ciel has grown attached to Sebastain on an emotional level and that Sebastian too has, just barely, started to care for Ciel not just as a meal but as something precious he wants to protect. That being so, this is all in the opinion of a yaoi fangirl. so to end off my rambling, yes for kuroshitsuji movie.
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    Fezakyuu, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: There really does need to be a movie!
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    Mimi, Mongolia

    4 years ago Comments: OH HELL YES
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