Expand KR Puram Railway Bridge !

Dear Friend, As you know, the KR Puram railway bridge is a big traffic bottleneck. Scores of people waste their valuable time in waiting for the traffic to clear. Assuming 10000 people who wait in the traffic for 1 hour on an average day, it equates to 1.14 person years wasted per day






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    Another Indian, India

    7 years ago Comments: A few reccomendations to ease traffic in KR Puram 1. There is a bus stop bay adjoining the Heritage Appartment having bus shelters. I haven't noticed one bus entering the bay but stop in the middle of the road. The bus stop bay is empty, I could see cars and vans parked inside whereas the roads are congested. I request the concerned people especially the Traffic police designated there to divert busses through the bay and punish the bus/cab drivers who dont obey 2. The govt should take steps to build a temporary railway route to divert trains passing through KR Puram railway bridge and make necessary steps to expand the bridge. As of now the 4 lane road suddenly coverges to a single lane and there is havoc every single minute. Proper traffic lights need to be stalled and the law breakers should be punished then and there. 3. According to me Traffic congestion can be solved to an extent if everyone follows lane discipline. There should be separate lanes for two wheelers autos and the rest. I understand that we need to expand roads to make this possible...but please understand however wide the roads are, if people dont follow discipline Bangalore traffic problem can never be solved! Traffic police should take the call and educate the public about lane discipline. The govt needs to show ads on TV, radio, hoarding to create awareness as they do it for AIDS or Cancer. Drving licenses should expire every 3 years and everyone should get through a "Discipline class" to renew their licences...in this way people would be educated about how important it is to follow traffic discipline. I am looking forward for a "Disciplined India" in the future.
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    Manoj Kumar Yedada, India

    7 years ago Comments: Please extend the bridge...
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    Srivatsala, India

    7 years ago Comments: Its a suggestion to protect the beauty of life in Bangalore
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