Kòrsou a kansa!!!

PUEBLO abo a aporta na e desishon nan aki? 1. OB for di 6% na 9% 2. Kita derecho di Dentista i di wowo 3. Tin ku paga pa remedi pronto 4. Awa a subi! 5. Koriente ta sigi subi 6. Gasolin a subi 7. Ta kitando ambtenaar nan for di Trabou 8. Kaya nan ta Kibra mas ku nunka 9. Enseñasa ta sigi sufri i dosente nan tin temor di perde nan trabou 10. Tuma responsabilidat pa esun nan ku ta responsabel pa a gasta riba edifisio nan di hur sin a huza nan Pues si bo kontesta ta no, anto e orei a jega tempu pa nos AKSHONA ku NOS PRESENSIA!!! PREPARA PA AKSHONA I REKORDA GOBIERNU KU TA PUEBLO DI KORSOU TA MANADA ANTO NO NAN.



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    Mallokinha, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I remember tankig my son out for walks when he was a baby. The sunshine seemed to seek him out. Even with a receiving blanket hung over the front of the stroller when I would peek in a tiny stream of sunlight would be seeping in from somewhere, a small bright patch in the dimness inside.I can see his rounded bare feet that hadn't taken a step yet, his little legs kicking in the air not in protest, but moving them just because he could. I can see his giant eyes peering out towards me, a gummy grin showing up because I was there.I can remember straightening back up and striding confidently down the street. I was on important business that sunny day. I was tankig my little boy for a walk.I looked in at him often.
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