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We the undersigned are petitioning Kabam, the makers of Kingdoms of Camelot, to fix an exploit with the way they deal with misted (hidden) players. The misting function is designed to permit users to temporarily hide their cities from attack while they are away for holidays or other reasons and cannot reasonably respond to attacks made against their cities. A two-part exploit used by some users of the game enables them to find the location of misted cities in under 2 to 10 minutes with minimal difficulty.

Kabam was contacted several times over the past 6 months by The Scripters Team informing them about the exploit, requesting they fix the exploit, and explaining how to fix the exploit. However, Kabam has not responded. We the undersigned believe Kabam's failure to fix this serious exploit is not within the interests of legitimate players. Thus, we will refrain from purchasing gems (an ingame currency purchased with real currency) in order to show Kabam it is unacceptable this exploit has been ignored. It is a VERY SIMPLE fix. So it's time to hurt them in the pocketbook and tell them we will not spend money if they cannot fix major ingame issues.

Misted City Exploit: Here's how the exploit works:
The first request is a hack of the javascript code that allows the user to bookmark a misted location (and yes, you do have to cheat to do it because you're not supposed to be able to bookmark). The server response is: requestType=BOOKMARK_LOCATION&tileId=310393&bookmarkName=City(719%2C+342)The second request to tileBookmark.php exposes the owner of the misted city. requestType=GET_BOOKMARK_INFO which in this case has returned: {"bookmarkId":"240888","name":"City(719, 342)","tileId":"310393","xCoord":"719","yCoord":"342","tileLevel":"9","tileCItyId":"102471","tileUserId":"4468439","cityId":"102471","cityUserId":"4468439","cityStatus":"1","cityName":"City6","userName":"TigerRus"}}}

Here is the recommended action: 1) disable GET_BOOKMARK_INFO in tileBookmark.php or 2) create a check in GET_BOOKMARK_INFO to not send info on any city which is misted.



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