Hyde Park Klondike Bar

What would you do for a Klondike bar With six different varieties of single-serving Klondike bars available from the good people at Good Humor Ice cream, don\'t you think that it is about time that some of those bars found their home in Hyde Park After 81 years of popularity and incredibly delicious flavor, we feel that it is time to bring Klondike bars to the University of Chicago by petitioning the mayor to open a Klondike bar in the vicinity.


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    Abdoulaye, United States

    2 years ago State: Hawaii
    Country: San Marino
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    Klever, United Arab Emirates

    2 years ago State: North Carolina
    Country: Saudi Arabia
    Comments: YES in short.As an area reaches ctraicil mass, that is the number of visits by people that is deemed by researchers to have negative impact on the ecosystem. At this point a limit should be put on the number of human visitors.In Canada this is being done in a majority of the larger parks.I have done photographic tours to photograph wild owls in Ontario for several years.The location has become very popular with individuals and groups, to the point that groups of 15 20 were becoming normal.The people did not stay on the trails and have opened up the understory to the point that I have seen larger predatory owls able to enter the woods and feed on the smaller owls that historically used the area as a safe day-time roosting area.As a photographer and naturalist I keep my groups small to limit the impact and minimizes the stress on wildlife.So again I will say yes ( ideally a draw should be used so as not to limit people be economics alone )
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    Claude, France

    3 years ago State: Colorado
    Country: Pitcairn
    Comments: - This is spectacular, stnnniug, breathtaking and incredibly beautiful in every sense of the word. So much so, words escape me to describe it. This couple was so blessed to have YOU as their photographer. So much vision and art, captured with heart and soul.
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