Get Kimberly and Beck pulled from the air

These two need to be pulled from the air immediately and they need to give a PUBLIC apology to Rikki's family and friends for defaming his character when they know nothing about him. How DARE you two talk about someone who can't defend themselves. I thought these two were radio jockeys and I use that term very loosely, not private investigators. No one knows why it happened except rikki and no one WILL know but talking about someone's death is NOT appropriate radio conversation, especially since you are bashing someone who is deceased and not even cold in the ground yet. I think it's deplorable and disgusting. Everyone that knew him and loved him needs to sign this petition and boycott the radio program until 98.9 does something about them.



  • Erik Melvin Karma sucks doesn't it. these 2 needed to go along time ago

  • Tom Koch These 2 are a hateful disgrace.

  • Anonymous This and then today w the hate speech re: transgendered people. They need to be fired w no pay not just suspended indefinitely as they're probably still getting paid even w suspension. Sickening!
    Where's the manager of the station when they're on air?
    I'm sure there's more incidences then the two above. Time fir them to go!!!!

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    Erik Melvin

    10 months ago Comments: Karma sucks doesn't it. these 2 needed to go along time ago
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    Tom Koch

    10 months ago Comments: These 2 are a hateful disgrace.
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    Jess Mallett, United States

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