End Martin\'s Wrath

Since the earliest amphibians crawled forth from the oceans, we have had enemies. The earliest form of enemy was the predator . They prowled the landscape mercilessly for prey to maintain their livlihood. A noble practice to some. Through the ages our enemies have evolved passed the mere searching for food tactics. We have developed technologies that let us target specific people for assassination. We could even destroy a city with one incinerary device. These destructive forces are mere annoyances compared to the threat I\'m talking about today. The enemy we have to face does not hunt for the sake of food, or to \"cleanse\" populations because of differing beliefs, but to slowly breakdown the very moral fabric of our soul in order to feed upon on emotional pain. Our enemy is that of the english, puppy-kicking, baby-eating, not-putting-the-seat-down, Martin. He uses no convention weaponry to defeat you. He wars with your mind! The slow widdling process of debilitating language eventually renders his opponent paralyzed from the hair down.




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