Kevin should go back to bronze (where he belongs).

Sign this petition so that the elo gods will smite Kevin Tanga and send his ass back to bronze.

"The boosted must be smited down to their real positions on the elo ladder. Before they are smited we need the recognition that he has been boosted so we need 10 gracious people to sign the petition in order for JUSTICE TO BE SERVED." -Elo God


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    Macques Brenner, Australia

    12 months ago Comments: fun
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    xXpussyslayerXx , Australia

    12 months ago Comments: Ever since he was a young child, Sora Aoi had always exchanged words of "I love you" with his attractive older sister Aki. Now, as he comes of age, he finds it much harder to exchange such comforts as they did in those simpler times. When Aki demonstrates her feelings toward him to go beyond a sister's love, Sora finds himself questioning his feelings for his sister. Realizing their affection for one another, they consummate their love in secret. In a society that would never understand, they must now keep their love a secret from their family and everyone they know. However Sora soon finds himself exploring many forms of love not accepted by society and questioning his feelings for his sister.
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    elobooster69swag , Australia

    12 months ago Comments: weed smoke it and blaze it 69 ery day kevin got elo bosted by me no copy pasterino frappuicino dongerino pls my storey
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