Keep Tim Kregers Coaching Job!!!

Alot of people think that Tim Kreger is a bad guy because of recent events of getting a new girlfriend. People want to get even with him and they are trying to take away his coaching position at our high school. It's just a coincidence that Tim's girlfriend is a players mom... It has nothing to do with his ability to coach soccer. Tim has work ethic that kids strive for. He is a blue collar man, and doesn't deserve to be downgraded like this... Please help us keep our awesome coach!!!


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    John Davis, United States

    8 years ago Comments: he is one of the best coaches ive ever had and i have the most fun with him and it would be the stupides thing in the world to fire him just because so stuck up parents dont like him
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    Erin Roupp, United States

    8 years ago Comments: This is in response to the posting by Joe Harding, naming me as #22 anonymous. First off, Joe, if I had something to say about what is going on with Tim, I WOULD SAY IT! I don't need to hide behind a petition to voice my opinion. I'm very straight forward and Tim knows that too well, so as for your comment, which was meant towards me, about having the balls to post my name, here you go, done! The fact that someone has chosen to post their opinion on here and that it is against Tim is not my problem. I know you would love to be able to blame me and have me look bad to Tim because it is common knowledge that Tim and I ARE still friends and you and your mother don't like it, we are friends, so deal with it! I didn't sign your dad's petition because I don't want to be involved and I won't become involved in this one either. So from now on, when situations such as this one arise, why don't you try and find out the facts before you start running your mouth and accusing people of things, when you have no clue. You can continue to play your adolescent games, I really don't care, just leave me the hell out of them!
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    Ryan Heatley, United States

    8 years ago Comments: this is a petition for people supporting Tim not assholes trying to get him fired... so all you idiots who don't know what a petition is, its something you start to support a cause, and if you don't support this cause, don't sign the damn thing... duh...
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