Keep Neverland Alive

After February 3th, 2007, the city of Washington and the Historical society will be shutting their doors to Neverland!! To show your support for Neverland, to show the city how much it means to everyone, please sign a petition posted at CD WAREHOUSE, BURT MURDOCK, HOT TOPIC, LIP TRIX, or MEDIEVAL!! Or, please sign this online petition!! Keep Neverland running!!


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    Amanda Sims, United States

    7 years ago
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    Jamie Moon, United States

    8 years ago Comments: please,, dont shut this wonderful place down,, kids go there to stay out of trouble. we could be out smoking pot, but not here. we're listening to music, and having fun. there is nothing else to do in this town for kids our age anyways. please! Plus... I used to live in Salt Lake City, I never heard of local shows up there. But after I moved here. There was one every weekend. You also get to meet new people, Bands, and do something that you love the most. Music is a big part of my life! I dont ever want music to go away. I would die without it. Some of my friends are in bands, let them show their talent by doing what they love! When I die I want to be doing the things I love the most! Those are: being with my friends [the people I love the most], and rocking out at a concert! So please let Neverland Stay! It really means alot to us!
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    Jamie Moon, United States

    8 years ago Comments: YOU CAN'T BRING DOWN NEVERLAND!!!!!!!! It would be a disappointment to the fans that come so far to see bands they enjoy seeing. Let kids develop they're talent. Music says what words cannot. Music is an important part of youth's lives. St. George needs places for the kids to hang out on weekends.Neverland venue is not only great, but it was the place for kids/teens/adults, to come and listen to great bands that the electric theatre will not play! KEEP NEVERLAND ALIVE!!!Dont take away one of the only things we have to enjoy here. Music is life to a lot of people, and you're trying to kill it. I used to live in Salt Lake City, and when I moved here, was when I heard about all the local shows. I never heard about them in Salt Lake. I just think that the bands are amazing! Plus... going to these concerts, you get to meet new people, enjoy music, and just have fun! When I die... I want to be doing the one thing I love the most. That is being with my friends[the people that I love] And Going to these concerts. They are worth paying for. So please dont shut Neverland Venue Down!
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