Keep Mental Chicken BANNED!

We, the users of UKChatterBox, demand that the user mental_chicken not be unbanned from the server. If this does happen, we will boycott the server until it does. Mental_chicken is a twunt. We're confident you'll see the errors in your ways and will ensure mental_chicken is banned FOREVER, so us go ahead and thank you in advance: Thank you for not unbanning mental_chicken! Sincerely, The UKCB community


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    Terminal_Guidance, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Most annoying cocksucking reject ever to disgrace ukcb!
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    Niggers_Mcgee, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: I never liked that mental_chicken guy, yo. Dude threatened to fist fuck my goat if i didn't pay him 20 Lambert & Butler and a 2ltr bottle of White Lightning cider. Plus he kicked my pitbull terrier and called it a puff.
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    Inappropriate_Chatter, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: Now this is more like it. Anyone who signs this is proving that they are intellgent and of a stable mental aptitude. We don't need thick, mentally challenged chavs on UKCB. Good riddance to mental_chicken and thank you to the admins for banning this knuckle-dragging mongoloid fucktard of twunt. P.S Branston Beans r teh best
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