This petiton is from all those KASTURI fans who are in agony because there serial is ending ...this cannot be could you do this...should everyone stop watching your serials because as soon as we like them you pull the plug on them just because of misunderstandings and diffrences that you have ,does the media have to suffer for this. Kasturi was always in the TOP 5 in TRP when robbie and kasturi were together aka shubhangi atre and karan patel ,because poeple love this jodi, and for the past two years people kept watching the serial hoping one day that robbie and kasturi will REUNITE...but no...they never did...but we were patient and loyal towards our serial and how do you repay us taking it of the prime time slot...that is when TRP went even low... so you dont listen to the people of what they want to take it OFF prime time make some stupid twists...theres no advertisement...people almost thought it went off air becuse there was no sign of it anywhere...and yet again we have to suffer But if you just give this serial one more chance because there so much people all over the world that still love this serial...and will be very greatful if you please give this serial another chance ... all you need to do isss 1.put it on prime slot 2.reunite robbie and kasturi aka shubhangi atre and karan patel... more advertisement for KASTURI 4.stop puting loads and loads of parrellel leads 5.make our robbie into a rockstar again instead of always wearine black/white shirt ,and we are sick of always seeing him cryying and drinkiing. 6.more love scenes between robbie and kasturi please give this serial another chance please dont take it off air we love shubhangi and karan jodi and this is the only serial we get to seem them together...this serial can go so far by just doing a few things,which are listed above ,please give this serial another chance it has so much potential... PLEASE KEEP KASTURI ON AIR PLEASE WE BEG OFFF YOU PLEASE EKTA.BALAGI,STAR PLUS,AND CREATIVES PLEASE GIVE THIS SERIAL ANOTHER CHANCE PLEASE KEEP KASTURI ON AIR!!!!


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    Gaurav, United States

    6 years ago Comments: My God....Star Plus should really have a bit of what is called decency...IT WAS EKTA WHO MADE YOU and now it is you who are hell bent on destroying her shows...remember all-tear-no-acting regressive shows like Bidai arent gonna last for more than 2-3 years...what will you do after that EKTA ROCKS AND ANY SERIAL NEEDS TIME AND PUBLICITY FOR PEOPLE TO RELATE TO IT...KASTURI had did that once and WILL AGAIN DO THAT! JUST GIVE IT YOUR SUPPORT!! You dont kill a person who has got a wound,you just cure them...everything in life goes up and down,and so do TRPs.If you wont allow serials to run for more than one year,you should cancel all soaps and start airing only movies...they are short and will bring you god damned TRPs...ok Give it a try...
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    aleesha, United Kingdom

    6 years ago Comments: kasturi rocks it cant end!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    arya, Saudi Arabia

    6 years ago Comments: der r trillions of ppl hu watch n love kasturi all over the world........their all curses will be wid u if u stop dis serial without listening to our veiws
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