Keep ABC Family\'s show GREEK on-air

Don\'t let those against Greek have the show taken off-air. This show never said it would realistically represent Greek Life. It is a television show, and so it has many stereotypes that any other television show might have. If someone doesn\'t like this show, then they shouldn\'t watch it. If they feel their children are too young to see it, then they shouldn\'t let them watch it. It\'s sounds simple enough. Why should we lose a show we enjoy just because some other people have a problem with it Television programs are not made to spark the interest in every single person, and so this television show is not personally made for any one individual. Nor is this television show made to represent any one sorority or fraternity. Sex, alcohol, drugs, money, etc are a part of almost every movie or television program targeted for teens. Please sign this in order to keep this show alive for those that appreciate what ABC Family has brought us.


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    Ashely C, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Please Bring back GREEK!!! It is an awesome show! One of the best love triangles i have seen in a long time! It is right up there with bella, edward and jacob... It had comedy, romance, family values, relationship struggles,etc. It will forever be one of my favorite shows! I would love to know what happens with cassie and cappie when they go to washington... too much left unsaid!
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    lisa, United States

    4 years ago Comments: keep the show on the air!
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    Caoimhe, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: plz do not take greek of our screens, it's one of the best teen tv shows of recent times!!!
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